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BECU Near Me, Find Branches and ATMs Nearby

BECU is a famous credit union that has more than 50 physical locations in the state of Washington and two branches in South Carolina. The credit union offers a member-only service, and they are a non-profit company. If you are looking for a BECU location near me, then you will get the answer in this article. We have described the nearest BECU branch, ATM, and services. Read on to know more.

About BECU

BECU was established in 1935 and has its headquarters in Washington. At first, the new workers had to buy their tools, but this was tough during the Great Depression. Thus some employees gathered and built this credit union to give loans to the workers, so they could purchase the necessary tools. BECU provides home equity loans, mortgages, vehicle and personal loans, debit and credit cards, CD, checking, and savings accounts. You will also find business banking, and you can online banking with a user-friendly app.

BECU Services: Checking, Credit & Debit Cards, Savings, Online & Mobile Banking, Home Buyer Programs, Vehicle Loans, Home Loans, Personal Loans, Mortgage Center, Investment Services, Financial Advisors, Trust Services, Insurance, and business banking.

Benefits of BECU

  • Member Owned Services– as they are a member-owned concern; the company focus on its clients and their needs. BECU also has a strong local community.
  • Fewer Charges– the organization has fewer charges associated with its services. BECU offers better value to their members, as they provide loans at lower rates, and pay higher dividends on deposit accounts.
  • Knowledge of Local Market– the company has better knowledge of the local market.
  • Better Customer Services– the customers of BECU get perfect customer service.
  • Get Various Tools– BECU offers tools and resources for its members. The company also offers business and online banking. They also take part in shared branches.

Find BECU Location Near You


Find BECU Location


  • You have to use the filter to find the ATMs. Also, check branch locations with the options.
  • You can also look at the map to find the location near you.

Find BECU Branch Near You

  • To find a branch near you visit the website
  • After that, at the center add your city, state, or zip code and click on enter.
  • You can use the branch location filters. You can search by 24-hour express box, partner credit unions, drive up, and meet with a member consultant, instant debit card replacement, coin star, and teller services.
  • To find the nearest shared branches you can go to
  • Next, click on the “Find an ATM or Branch” option from the upper right side of the page.
  • Choose your location type, click on a shared branch, enter your zip code or your address, city, select the state and click on the Search option to get the nearby branch locations.

Look for a BECU ATM Near You

  • If you are looking for a BECU ATM near you, you have to go to the web address
  • Enter your zip code, city, or state and click on enter.
  • You can use the ATM searching filters to get the location of a nearby place.
  • To find the CO-OP ATM near you, go to the link
  • There click on “Find an ATM or Branch” from the top right side of the page to access the search page.
  • Select the location and choose ATM and add the required details and click Search and you will get the nearby ATMs.

Hours of Operation at BECU

  • Most BECU locations are open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Friday and from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday.
  • The branches of BECU are closed on the following holidays: January 1- New Year’s Day, January 17- Martin Luther King Jr. Day, February 21- Presidents Day, May 30- Memorial Day, June 20- Juneteenth, July 4- Independence Day, September 5- Labor Day, October 10- Columbus Day, November 11- Veterans Day, November 24- Thanksgiving Day, December 25- Christmas Day.

Open BECU Checking Account

  • You can open a checking account using the web address
  • Next, at the center right side of the page click on “Open an account” option to get started.


BECU Open account


  • Choose checking and savings and add the promo code and click on “Get started” to begin the application.
  • Enter your first name, middle name (optional), last name, suffix (optional), home address, phone number, phone type, citizenship status, email, agree to the terms and click on Continue and follow the page instructions and complete the account opening.

How to Enroll with BECU

  • You can enroll as a member of BECO and for that visit the website
  • Next, click on “Log in” option from the top right side of the page click on to get the sign in section.
  • Under the login fields and click on “Already a Member? If you are not enrolled in Online and Mobile Banking yet click here to enroll” option to get started.


BECU enroll


  • Red the information on the page and at the center left side click on “Enroll now” to get started.
  • Provide the member share account number, your last name, date of birth and click on Continue to proceed with the process and complete enrolling into the account.
  • If you are not a member click on “Not a Member? Sign up for membership with BECU” option.
  • You will be requested to join BECU as a member.
  • If you are a business customer you can also enroll into business banking.

BECU Login Process

To access BECU Login, you need to visit the webpage To know the right process, please refer to the below steps:

  • Go to the web address
  • Next, at the top right side of the page click on “Log in” to access the sign-in section.


BECU Login


  • Add the user ID, and password and click on “log in” to get signed in to the BECU online account.

Reset BECU Login Details

  • If you have forgotten BECU login details use the link
  • Next, go to the Log in section from the top right side of the page.
  • Click on “Forgot your password?” to start the reset process.
  • Enter the user ID, phone number, check the verification box and click on “Continue” to verify further and complete the reset.
  • To recover the user ID click on “Forgot your user ID?” option.
  • Add the email address, date of birth, check the verification box and click on Continue option and follow the page instructions and complete it.

How to Become a Member at BECU

  • If you want to become a member visit the website
  • Next, at the upper right side of the page click on the “Join BECU” option to get started.
  • Choose from the accounts, add a promo code if you have.
  • Now click on “Get started” option to begin the application.
  • Enter your email, password and click on “Sign in” option to get logged in.
  • If you have forgotten the login details click on “Trouble signing in?” to get started.
  • Add the registered email and click on “Send Link” to complete the reset process.
  • This is also the way you can sign up or apply for a checking or savings account.

Apply for BECU Mortgage

  • If you are a first time buyer go to the website
  • Next, at the center enter your first name, last name, email, phone number, city, state or zip, best method of contact, best time to call, choose which information you are looking for, provide additional details.
  • Now click on “Submit” option.

Make an Appointment with BECU

  • You can make an appointment using the link
  • Next, on the center-left side of the page click on “Get started” to start the appointment.
  • Choose from business, personal banking, and home loans and click on “Next” to follow the steps and make the appointment.
  • If you have existing appointment add the confirmation code and click on the “Find appointment” option to check your appointment.

Get an Insurance Quote at BECU

  • You can get an insurance use the link
  • Next, at the center right side of the page click on “Get a quote” option to get started.
  • You will have to leave the site of BECU and click on Continue option to verify further.
  • Add the zip code and click on Start your Quote option and get the result.

BECU Loan Payment

BECU offers two types loan payments, online and through mail. You will have to choose one of the options and make your payment. For the online you will have to login with the online account using the URL And you have to be the member of BECU. Let’s take a look at the payment steps.

BECU Online Loan Payment

To make the payment you can make it from your checking or savings account using the URL

  • Next, at the top right side of the page click on “Log in” option to access the sign in page.
  • You have to login with the right details, And after that you can make the payment.

BECU Loan Payment by Mail

  • You can send a check or money order to the mail designated mail address.
  • Post it to Mortgage Payments- Attn: Central Loan Administration. BECU P.O.Box 986. Newark, NJ 07184-0986.
  • Other Loan Payments and Correspondence- BECU. P.O.Box 97050. Seattle, WA 98124-9750
  • Dealer and Third Party Loan Payoffs- BECU M/S 1080-2. P.O.Box 97050. Seattle, WA 98124-9750.

BECU Customer Service

If you are facing login issues with your BECU online account, you can get in touch with the customer service team. You can access the contact help from Monday to Friday 7:00am to 7:00pm, Saturday 9am to 1pm.

Check out the contact details:

  • Contact Number- 800-233-2328
  • Local Contact Number- 206-439-5700
  • Contact Number- 800-704-8080
  • Contact Number- 800-233-2328


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FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions) about BECU

Q: What Is The Withdrawal Limit at BECU?

A: The withdrawal limit is $500 each day.

Q: Why My Account At BECU Is Restricted?

A: To protect your account from unauthorized access, the company has locked it. To get access you will have to answer some questions to verify your identity, or you can call on 800-233-2328 to get more help.

Q: Can I Utilize BECU Card At Any ATM Near Me?

A: BECU and other credit union places have joined their services together to offer various CO-OP ATM Network. In these places you will get charge free ATM services. BECU has over 30000 ATMs around the country. Among them 9000 accepts cash deposits.

Q: Can I Transfer Fund From One BECU Account To Another?

A: You can transfer the money from your BECU account to a friend or family member’s account within a short period of time. You will get to use Zelle, which will allow you to use mobile banking service.

Q: Can I Increase BECU Credit Limit?

A: You can request a credit limit increase, and you have to submit an application through the online banking. You can visit the nearest branch or call on 844-232-8562.


So, that was it for the location search of BECU. We hope that we have provided the necessary details in this article, so you can use them. But if you are still having login trouble, get in touch with the customer service team.

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