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How to Check the YouTube Comments on Xbox One:

Unfortunately, you cannot comment or view YouTube comments on your Xbox One. You can just access the subscribed platforms, seek content, and use your mobile device remotely, according to Google.

How to Check the YouTube Comments on Xbox One:

It is alright if you went ahead and added the YouTube app on your Xbox One console. You can watch your favorite videos through the app, but you cannot comment on a video or check the comment. It is not related to the Microsoft disabling comment back in 2013 on the video path. If you still, want to check the YouTube comments, then you should go to YouTube on your computer or tablet and view the comment or leave a comment.

You can also use MyTube to check the YouTube comments. It will cost 99 cents and offer a free trial. MyTube is just a superior version of Xbox console’s YouTube software.

MyTube lets you add and answer comments, listen to videos in the background, create and maintain playlists, download videos, and many more.

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